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Modern City

YIC 2023


Select a team name and enter the details for all team members, attach your PDF and click submit!


  1. All guidelines are relevant to both rounds:

  2. Presentations must be submitted in the form of a PDF Presentations cannot contain more than 12 slides, excluding title and appendix pages.

  3. An appendix should be included at the end of each presentation. This can include additional research or models that were used throughout the presentation. The appendix will not be assessed.

  4. During the final round, each team will have 10 minutes to present their strategy and investments. Anything said beyond the limit will be disregarded.

  5. After each presentation during the final round, there will be 5 minutes of Q&A with the judges. Questions will be related to the strategy, investments, and participants' knowledge of the case study. The answers to these questions will be assessed.


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Good luck! Results are coming out soon!

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