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  • What is an Investment Competition?
    An Investment Competition is where teams are given a scenario where they are to develop a creative strategy to achieve certain goals. Utilizing that strategy, they must analyze and invest their funds in hopes of gaining profits. Each team has a specific amount of time to develop their strategies. Finalists will present their strategy and idea to a panel of judges.
  • How much prior knowledge do I need?
    There is no prior knowledge or experience required to compete in this competition. Resources will be provided for participants to develop key skills required to win.
  • How much experience do I need?
    As long as you have an inquisitive nature and want to learn, this case competition will be perfect for you. Don’t be afraid to apply if you don’t have experience in business consulting! We will provide you with all the resources you need to succeed. With the rest of your team, you will discover your own creativity and business acumen along the way, and enjoy advice from world-class experts through our workshops and participant resources
  • How long will the competition last?
    From the time the first case study is released to the announcement of winners, the competition will last for about three weeks. Detailed competition timelines can be found here.
  • Am I eligible to apply?
    As long as you're 13-18 years old by the date of registration and have a team of 1-4 members, you’re eligible to apply!
  • Can I apply as an individual without a team?
    Yes you can, but a team is always recommended! For interested individual participants, closer to the date of the competition, a form will be sent out, offering them the chance to be paired up with other interested participants. You can always participate on your own as well!
  • What does it cost to participate?
    Nothing! The Young Investors Competition is completely free!
  • What resources will I need to participate?
    For resources about finance and investing, visit (insert FFP website here)
  • Where will the competition and events be held?
    The competition will be held asynchronously with each time having to submit a presentation in the first round. In the finals, each team will go on a zoom call and pitch to a panel of judges. The competition is open internationally and for people all over the world due to its 100% online nature.
  • How do we submit our Strategies?
    All participants will receive an email containing instructions about how they can submit their presentations after registration.
  • When can I register?
    Participants can register from the 12th of February 2023. Registrations close on the 30th of March.
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