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Young Investors

World's Largest High School Investment Competition
Open Worldwide, 100% online










Global Prizes

$1500 USD Cash Prize
40 Hale Sessions

$2500 USD Cash Prize
Prestigious Internship 
60 Hale Sessions

$1000 USD Cash Prize
20 Hale Sessions

Partners and Sponsors

Title Sponsor 

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Hale Education Group is the leading US & Canadian University Education Consultancy in the Middle East. Our students have secured acceptances to all eight Ivy League universities, to Stanford for each of the last ten years, as well as over $50 Million USD in merit scholarships.

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What is an Investment Competition?

An investment competition encourages participants to step in the shoes of a professional analyst and develop creative strategies to achieve the goals of a client. 

Participants don’t necessarily need to have a financial or business background to compete, just a passion for learning!

In 2021, the Young Investors Competition had over 1200 participants from over 25 countries and was held online. 

Develop Industry-Ready Skills

Participating in this competition provides participants with an insight into the business and investment banking industry. It also acts as a head start to entering any industry of choice. 

Participants also develop crucial analytical skills as well as the communication skills and confidence to present to executives. 

No Barriers To Entry

This competition contains no barriers to entry. It's held online, making it easier to join!

No financial or business background required - Resources will be provided to ensure participants have what it takes to win. 

Exclusive Prizes Up For Grabs

Cash prizes upto $5k!

Internship with top firm for the winning team 

Opportunities to meet Industry executives and esteemed investors. 

Excellent for your CV/Resume

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